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Hi, I'm Sonia, but most people affectionately know me as 'Vegan Vicki'. Koncious Kuisine (formally Urban Sweetness) was birthed after I was diagnosed with bronchioloaveolar carcinoma mucinous, a non-small cell form of lung cancer generally found in non smokers in 2008. After having my lower left lung removed, and while on my road to recovery, I knew I wanted to make a change. After months of research, my journey started out as a vegetarian the week of Thanksgiving 2008. When I couldn't find any options that catered to my tastes or the foods I learned how to make in the kitchen with my grandmother and mom. Seeing the many changes that came with my new lifestyle, I wanted to see what else I could do to better my life. After further research, I became a vegan and started making my favorite meals and sweets I learned from the precious time I spent down south in the kitchen, learning valuable family traditions. When I began to share my food with family and friends, from their reactions; I knew I had something special. With this Urban Sweetness was birthed.  Now the new chapter of Koncious Kuisine begins.  the same great food with a new name.  Feeding the body and spirit.  I always want people to feel the love and passion I have for veganism and for the food I prepare for them. It is not just a plate I'm making, I want it to be a journey of love, happiness and compassion. That's why people come back, because I put love on every plate.  


Chef Vegan Vicki

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